The Final Scene

All the actors seem to be free on wednesday, so that is when we will do the last scene. It is going to be an epic battle scene with Logan finally getting a chance to show what skills he actually has. We will need a LOT of extras, and if you want to be a part of this film, all you have to do is ask. Just be in the media room after 6th period on Wednesday. Try to wear black and/or camo, and bring extra black t-shirts if at all possible. I’m trying to leave a legacy at Wilson through this film. It can be your legacy, too.

*background for the world of Invisible Warfare/Ops: Both of these movies are about teenagers playing a game kind of like finger guns when you were kid. These movies show what this game would look like through the imagination of a child. The idea was actually conceived from a problem: the Tacoma School District does not like weapons; real, fake, or otherwise. That will always be the problem with using school equipment. I considered Nerf guns, Supersoakers, and even cardboard guns, but they just seemed to cheapen the idea for me. Invisible guns and finger guns seemed like the best option. I searched around, and found that it wasn’t a new idea, but it had never been done well. That became my goal, to make a quality movie that the viewer will enjoy using this concept.

3 years ago